As part of the Group's DDHolding to adopt a Model of Organisation , Management and Control Model pursuant to Legislative Decree of June 8, 2001 . 231 Erreplast also has its own Code of Ethics.

The primary objective of the Code is to make common and widespread the values ​​in which the Company recognizes , at all levels , ensuring that anyone, whenever it is called upon to make a decision has to be clear that at stake are not only the interests, rights and duties of its own, but also those of others. In other words, you should be aware that the well-being and respect for all and must always be explicitly taken into account at every stage of daily life .

All it means to do well and with dignity their job , have respect for the rules, but also and above all guided by shared principles and values ​​, which refer to the consensus and not obedience. The sharing and application of the principles raised in this paper lead to define the style of Erreplast .

L'Organismo di Vigilanza, costituito da un membro monocratico nominato dal Consiglio di Amministrazione, ha il compito di vigilare in ordine all'efficacia funzionamento e osservanza del Modello e di curarne l'aggiornamento. È possibile comunicare eventuali violazioni del Modello all'Organismo di Vigilanza scrivendo a:
Organismo di Vigilanza
Zona Industriale Aversa Nord
81030 Gricignano di Aversa (CE)

oppure a inviando una e-mail all'indirizzo: